Dr. Ute Chamberlin

Associate Professor

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Teaching Excellence Award Winner -- WIU Faculty Summer Stipend Award Winner


Dr Chamberlin

Dr. Ute Chamberlin joined the Department in the Fall of 2008 as our tenure-track Assistant Professor of German History. She is a specialist in the history of modern Germany and European women. She offers upper-division courses on general German history [History 338], the history of Nazi Germany [History 438], twentieth-century European history [History 429(G)], and European women's history [History 318], as well as sections of the second half of the Western Civilization survey [History 126] and graduate seminars [History 540 and 541] in European history.

Prof. Chamberlin received her Ph.D. in 2007 from the Arizona State University. She has presented her research on German women in turn-of-the-century Dortmund at the national conferences of both the Social Science History Association and the German Studies Association.

Dr. Chamberlin has won several grants and awards, including a WIU University Research Council Grant and a WIU Faculty Summer Research Stipend. She also won several awards while at Arizona State University, including the William T. Hull Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching. In addition, she was the winner of the Wallace E. Adams Memorial Award for Excellence in European History and of the Feldt-Barbanell Women's History Award.




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