Modern Global History Minor

A Minor in Modern Global History is the perfect complement to a major in International Relations, Comparative Politics, International Business, International Agriculture, International Studies, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration, Military Science, Spanish, and French, among many others.

WIU's Modern Global History Minor, which is designed to provide non-History majors with a broad understanding of the historical development of the modern world, is also excellent preparation for more informed citizenship.

Modern Global History Minor requirements (18 hours):

Modern Global History Minors take 6 History courses, including three of the following General Education courses:

      History 106: U.S. History since 1877 [Gen Ed/Humanities]

      History 126: Western Civilization II [Gen Ed/Hum; Global Issues credit]

      History 144: History of the Middle East [Gen Ed/Hum or Multicultural; Global Issues credit]

      History 145: History of Asia [Gen Ed/Hum or Multicultural; Global Issues credit]

One of the following courses dealing with the modern history of the U.S. in a global context:

      History 312: Technology, Culture, and Society

      History 329:Great Powers Diplomacy

      History 341: Modern Latin American History [Gen Ed/Hum; Global Issues credit]

      History 401: American Diplomatic History

      History 424: History of Flight Culture

One of the following courses dealing with the history of modern Europe:

      History 334: Britain since 1688

      History 400: Soviet Union, 1917-1991

      History 427: French Revolution and Napoleon

      History 428: Nineteenth-Century Europe

      History 429: Europe, 1914-1968

      History 438: Germany, 1918-1949

One of the following courses dealing with the modern history of Asia, Africa, Latin America, or the Middle East:

      History 344: Modern Middle East [Gen Ed/Multicultural; Global Issues credit]

      History 345: China

      History 346: Japan

      History 349: Africa since 1800 [Gen Ed/Multicultural]

      History 440: Topics in Latin American History

      History 444: Topics in Middle Eastern History

      History 445: Modern East Asia

      History 485: Topics in Asian History

How do I minor in Modern Global History?

Our Department's Undergraduate Advisor , Ralph Heissinger will answer any questions you may have about our History minors. He can help you work out a History Minor that perfectly complements your major, whatever it may be. In addition to the Modern Global History Minor, the History Department also offers a Minor in Legal History and a Minor in History .

For more detailed information on these and other History courses, see the History Department's Undergraduate Courses web page.