Legal History Minor

A Minor in Legal History provides students with expertise in the origins and development of the Anglo-American legal tradition. Students may specialize in the study of English legal traditions or those of the United States, or may divide their focus between the two.

Whether contemplating a future legal career or innately interested in the evolution of the law, non-History majors in many fields will find the Legal History Minor to be a valuable addition to their WIU transcript.

Students who plan to attend law school may also wish to major in History. For more information on the courses listed below, see WIU's Pre-Law in History web page.

Legal History Minor requirements (18 hours):

Legal History Minors take 6 History courses, including three of the following:

History 105 (U.S. History to 1877) [Gen Ed/Humanities]

History 303 (American Legal History)

and either History 125 or History 126 (Western Civilization I or II) [Gen Ed/Hum; Global Issues]

Plus, any three of the following upper-division History courses:

History 333 (Britain to 1688): origins of Anglo-American legal & constitutional traditions, including the Magna Carta

History 426 (The Enlightenment): origins of modern conceptions of law, jurisprudence, and individual rights

History 433 (Tudor-Stuart England, 1485-1714): evolution of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary government

History 413 (American Revolution and New Nation): origins of natural rights theory, U.S. Constitution, & Bill of Rights

History 415 (Civil War and Reconstruction): Constitutional interpretation & revision, esp. concerning slavery & civil liberties

History 419 (Recent America, 1945-present): increasing influence of federal courts on Americans' lives

History 310 (Crime and Police): evolution of criminal law in the US, Great Britain, France, & Germany since 1700

How do I minor in Legal History?

Our Department's Undergraduate Advisor , Ralph Heissinger , will answer any questions you may have about our History minors. He can help you work out a History Minor that perfectly complements your major, whatever it may be. In addition to the Legal History Minor, the History Department also offers a Minor in Modern Global History and a Minor in History .

For more detailed information on these and other History courses, see the History Department's Undergraduate Courses web page.