Department of Geology

Scott Koza, 2001 Geology Alumnus

Scott Koza, 2001 Geology alumnus, in the Peira-Cava region of France. Scott’s job at Marathon Oil Company recently brought him to this location to study the Annot Sandstone, a turbidite sequence in the Maritime Alps of SE France. The near-horizontal lines on the mountainside behind him clearly illustrate the lateral continuity of the turbidite sheet sands. This is the home of the geologically-famous Bouma Sequence.

“The WIU Geology program provided a great foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that allowed me to further my education in a master’s level program and pursue a career in the oil and gas industry. I found the smaller class sizes, combined with the dedicated and enthusiastic professors, critical to developing my understanding of geology and the processes that have shaped our world. I also had the opportunity to work on research projects with faculty that are recognized as subject-matter experts, which was necessary for preparing me for my future endeavors. Upon reflection, it was the correct decision to attend this program and I am grateful to those who provided the education that has given me a wealth of experiences and enjoyment in the fields of geology and geophysics.”