English and Journalism

spring 2009 awards night

Spring 2009 Awards & Scholarships

We have announced the winners of 2009 awards and scholarships for the department, the journalism program, the graduate program in English, and the Leland Essay Contest. See our photos from the awards ceremony.

Congratulations to all the award and scholarship winners!

Department Awards & Scholarships

Department of English & Journalism Scholar of the Year Award
  • Glenna Sabo
Dameris Bagwell Memorial Scholarship
  • Sarah Zavala
Beth M. Stiffler Memorial Scholarship
  • Kristin Dragos
Dr. Paul Blackford British Literature Scholarship
  • Quinn Bilyeu, Tiffany Shoufler
Dr. Olive Fite American Literature Scholarship
  • Jeri Adams
Dr. Irving Garwood Scholarship
  • Rebecca Eineke
Lila S. Linder English Scholarships
  • Eric Anerino, Kathleen McGowan
Alfred J. Lindsey Memorial Scholarship
  • Rebecca Eineke
John Merrett Scholarship in British Literature
  • Caitlin Barrett
Nai-Tung Ting English Scholarship
  • Nan Norcross
Wanninger Foundation Scholarship
  • Julia Mackert

Journalism Awards

Best In-Class Writing in Journalism
  • First place: Tyler Vogler
  • Second place: Erin McCarthy
  • Third place: Harrison Jones
Best In-Class Graphics Work in Journalism
  • First place: Morgan Boese-Lemm
  • Second place: Cornetta Pickens
  • Third place: Lauren Perring

Graduate Program Awards & Fellowships

Syndy M. Conger Essay Award
  • Emily Brackman
Ron and Leslie Walker Graduate Fellowships
  • Michael Baumann (Writing Studies)
  • Travis Moran (Literary Studies)
John Mahoney Research Fellowship
  • Andrew Hoogheem
  • Travis Moran
  • Tracey Winbigler

Bruce H. Leland Essay Contest

Eng 100, Introduction to Writing
  • First place: Alex J. Crivolio
  • Second place: Donovan Lowry
  • Third place: Madeline Swanson
Eng 180, College Writing I
  • First place: Tyler A. Gordon
  • Second place: Jackson Courter
  • Third place: William Steele
Eng 280, College Writing II
  • First place: Michael Pearce
  • Second place: Keri Plica
  • Third place: Jamese Carrell