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E.W. Scripps

E.W. Scripps (1854-1926)

By Bill Knight

One of America’s most colorful and controversial newspaper publishers and supporters of working people came from Rushville, a Schuyler County community of about 2,000 people, many of whom recall him and his family with fondness.

“People here look on the Scripps family with pride,” said Alan lcenogle, editor and general manager of the Rushville Times newspaper. “They got their start here. Plus, the Scrippses still think of Rushville as their home. They come back, they mingle, they remember. ”

More than a decade ago, Charles Scripps gathered about 250 relatives in a reunion marking the 200th anniversary of the family’s arrival in the United States.

E.W. Scripps probably would have appreciated the folksy charm of hundreds of residents mingling with wealthy and influential members of the Scripps family. It’s a relationship he cultivated and enjoyed during his decades of work as a newspaperman.

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