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Department of English and Journalism.



Unity was awarded "Outstanding Large Student Organization" at last night's WIU Leadership award, and Paris Hamm, our President, was awarded a Gordon A. Taylor Student Leadership Award. I am so proud of this amazing group of students.

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Fall 2015 Course Descriptions Now Available!

Detailed descriptions for E & J Courses are ready: Fall 2015 Course Descriptions (pdf)

Use STARS for complete list of courses.

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to our December 2014 graduates!  12 English and 5 Journalism majors earned their Bachelor of Arts degrees at the end of this past semester.  They are: 

English: Lauren Anderson, Chad Blair, Jennifer Brenner, Rebekah Byrnes, Nurie Dervishi, Heather Harper, Noelle Johnson, Megan Kelly, Luke Phillipi, Meghan Psiharis, Angelica Samata and Samantha Tapscott

Journalism: Robert Baron, Kolette Herndon, Karyn Lacey, Nolan Porter and Robert Williams

Journalism Major named College Scholar and Lincoln Laureate

We are proud to announce that Ashley Luke, senior Journalism and Political Science double major, was chosen as the CAS College Scholar and the WIU Lincoln Laureate for Fall 2014!  Congratulations, Ashley, on these tremendous achievements!!

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