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Spring semester events

Fall Picnic

The English Graduate Organization would cordially like to invite you and your families to our spring picnic on Saturday, April 13, 2013, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The picnic will be at Everly Park in the Evergreen Shelter. Hamburgers and hotdogs (including non-meat varieties) will be provided. There will be a sign-up sheet on the table in the mailroom for sides and other necessities for the picnic. Sign-up for side dishes is encouraged, but not required. You’re welcome to bring whatever you may like (or just yourselves). We plan to have bag boards and ladder ball set up. If anyone would like to bring other outdoor games and activities, please feel free to do so. 

The Green Lantern Press

In the upcoming Spring semester, EGO will be hosting Chicago's The Green Lantern Press and senior-editor Caroline Picard, who will be giving a lecture on the state of the independent publishing industry and the work of her press.  Founded in 2005, Green Lantern is an artist-run, non-profit press focused on emerging and forgotten texts in order to bridge the gap between contemporary and historical experience.  The Green Lantern is dedicated to a self-described "slow media" approach; each book they print is conceived of as a curatorial site, complete with artist plates, ephemeral inserts, and silk-screen covers.  We are very happy to welcome Caroline Picard and The Green Lantern Press to WIU, and invite students and faculty across disciplines to take advantage of this great opportunity! If you are planning to attend, please indicate that you are "going" on the Facebook page at Caroline Picard and the Green Lantern Press, so we have some idea of how many people will be in attendance.  The lecture will take place on Friday, February 15 at 7:00 p.m. in Morgan Hall 109.

Table-Game Night

Our table-game night has been tabled yet again, so after Winter Break EGO will be hosting the festivities at a location yet to be determined.  Graduate students and faculty are invited to join EGO as we play table games--don't forget your Magic: the Gathering deck(s)--and, as always, lively banter to be served. Of course games won't be limited to Magic, faculty and EGO members have volunteered to bring both European (i.e. complete participation and negative feedback such as Settlers of Catan and Imperial) and American style (e.g. Monopoly and Risk) board games.  If you have other suggestions for games to play, or a place to meet please send them to ego@wiu.edu, or post them to our Facebook page. More information to come as dates and times are solidified.

fall semester and ongoing events

The Hermeneutic Circle

After the conference, EGO hopes to resurrect last Spring's now defunct reading group The Hermeneutic Circle.  If you have suggestions for possible readings--critical theory is preferred, and keep length in mind as you make suggestions (we graduate students have a lot on our metaphorical plates already!)--please send them to ego@wiu.edu, or post them to our Facebook page or secret group if you are a member; if you would like to become a member of the aforementioned secret group, please send an email to ego@wiu.edu indicating why you would like to become a member. It is 100% OK to suggest something that you have already read; the point is not to argue about who is the most, or least, well-read, but to initiate dialogue about difficult readings related to the field of English studies.  We need an ambitious officer or member to step up and take the reins for this ongoing event to be a continued success!

First Friday

The group being social.

EGO also hosts a monthly "First Friday" event, in which graduate students and faculty gather at Taylor's Hall, located at 125 S. Randolph St., to celebrate the beginning/ending of another month and to discuss issues relevant to English studies.  These events are a great opportunity for graduate students to meet with faculty that they both have and have not encountered in their coursework, and vice versa.  At these events, you can expect to find all EGO officers, some non-officerial members, and a few regular faculty members; you can also expect more recreational conversation than you would in a purely academic setting, as well as the lively banter characteristic of all EGO events.  EGO would like to encourage all graduate students and faculty to save the date of each first Friday because these events are in dire need of increased attendance, and those who consistently attend would like the opportunity to socialize with other colleagues.