English and Journalism

EGO Meeting
September 6, 2012
Attendees: Ashley Lovelace, Beth Clothier, Ashley Jones, Nicole Hagstrom Schmidt, Jessica
Mason McFadden, John DeGregorio, Layton Schroeder, Dr. Morrow, Jess Scadden

• Location: Morgan

o Need to contact them about sound equipment and the process of reserving the
o Ashley Jones is doing facilities now.

• Who will contact different departments to publicize the keynote and the conference?
• Who will introduce Dr. Peebles? A graduate student of faculty member? Tackle later.
• The new deadline to submit the UTC form is September 21, 2012.

• Lunch and/or refreshments?
• Registration Fee- Students: $20 and Faculty: $30
• CFP was reposted on upenn last Friday
• Abstract—change to 250 words
• Emailed Patti
• Rooms 020, 027, and 014 are now reserved
• Paper Goods: Programs, Packets, and Name Tags


  • Publicity

o Jess Mason McFadden and Beth Clothier

  • Communications Coordinator –Packets, Programs, and Name Tags coordinator

o Ashley Lovelace

  • Refreshments Coordinator

o Nicole Hagstrom Schmidt

  • Facilities-Finding and locating facilities and ensuring they have technology

o Ashley Jones

  • Abstracts/Panel

o This will be determined as the semester progresses. Those who attend regularly
will be asked if they would like to participate.

Send publicity mockups to Jess and Beth

o For next week, develop a plan:

o What we should do to adequately publicize the conference from now until the

Nicole has already begun planning the lunch and coffee.

o Lunch needs to be in the union

Ashley Jones will contact Morgan Hall Dean’s Office right away to discover how to reserve the room.
Every committee needs to bring plans to next week’s meeting.

Will accept abstracts on a rolling basis.

Social Events
o Push First Friday’s to October

o Will hold again at Wine Sellers

o There is a $25 fee for reserving the clubhouse where she lives

o Will update us next meeting

o Invites will be sent out via facebook for Hermeneutics Circle

o Send out email to graduate faculty about the Hermeneutics Circle