English and Journalism

EGO Meeting
September 20, 2012

Attendees: Ashley Lovelace, Nicole Hagstrom Schmidt, Jessica Mason McFadden, John
DeGregorio, Layton Schroeder, Jacob Runge, Danielle Ortiz, Beth Clothier, Dr. Morrow, Jess

• Must resubmit form to UTC.

o Resend all materials to cover our bases.

• Publicity committee has put up the CFP around campus.
• Dr. Sonnek is looking for individuals who are writing about social injustice in the
• Nicole will reserve the room in the union for lunch and get food started.
• Ashley Lovelace has drafted the email to send to facility.

o Send to Dr. Morrow for his approval.
o Jess will email Ashley the CFP to attach to the email.

• Who will introduce Dr. Peebles?

o Jacob Runge has volunteered.

• Beth has been in communication with Katie about poster design etc.

Game Night
• Taylor Hall is too expensive.
• Could hold it in Simpkins Hall.
• Table board games because First Friday is approaching.

First Fridays
• October 5th
• Need to promote.

• Decided on logo during meeting.
• Design t-shirt a possibility?

o Will have to decide a quote.