English and Journalism

EGO Meeting

November 1st, 2012

Attendees: Jake Runge, Jess Mason McFadden, Nicole Hagstrom Schmidt, John DeGregorio,
Beth Clothier, Layton Schroeder, Dr. Morrow


  • Update from Beth: Lady from library has called saying that someone wants to use the microphone on Thursday so Beth is checking to see if that is acceptable with us. We have decided that we will agree. Beth will go to the library on Friday morning to see if microphone is ready so we have time.
  • Program: Dr. Morrow wants to see the program before it “goes to print”
  • Dr. Morrow will contact graduate faculty to see if they want to moderate.
  • Beth will have the program designed by Monday, November 5th.
  • Need someone to check every reservation.

o Check to see if Morgan is reserved and what to do if get locked out etc.

  • We will need people to be here at 7:30 AM for registration.

o Dr. Morrow will ask Dr. Baird for key to writing center.

  • ISU graduate students will be coming in from Galesburg and need a place to stay as well as a ride from Galesburg.

o John will send them an email.


  • Jake will send introduction to Dr. Morrow over the weekend to get his approval/feedback.
  • John and Layton need to have a little speech before presentation

o Need to thank appropriate people

Dr. Mossman (head of department)
Important people

o Will then introduce Jake

  • Also need to manage the Q&A

o “Dr. Peebles has graciously agreed to take questions…”
o When it gets quiet, it may be time stop the questions. John and/or Layton will
have to do this.
o If it goes over, “We have time for one more question…”

Odds and Ends

  • Dr. Morrow has secured five paid for meals for graduate students for dinner/lunch with Dr. Peebles.

o Friday Lunch: Nicole, Jake
o Friday Dinner: Beth, Jess Mason McFadden, John, Layton
o Saturday Dinner

  • Posters: They are placed in Student Union, Malpass library, and Simpkins. Horrabin will get posters tomorrow.