English and Journalism

EGO Meeting
October 25th, 2012

Attendees: Jake Runge, Jess Mason McFadden, Ashley Jones, John DeGregorio, Nicole
Hagstrom Schmidt, Danielle Ortiz, Layton Schroeder, Dr. Morrow, Jess Scadden

Need to do from Dr. Morrow:

• Letters need to go out by Monday
• Food needs to get booked by tomorrow or Monday
• Program draft

o Loop in Beth for programs
o Print Monday day of the week

o Find titles for drafts
o Dr. Morrow will send out an email soliciting for moderators
o Ride from Galesburg


  • Food
    • Lunch: Pasta bar, cheese and crackers, and fruit.
    • Breakfast: Coffee, water, and pastries.
    • Will be finalized tomorrow, October 26th.
  • Posters
    • DPS: Posters are 50 cents each.
    • Beth will order 50 posters for a total of $25
    • Posters will be in by Monday or Tuesday
    • Save poster as a pdf and get it to Dr. Dilger so he can place it on the website
  • Programs
    • Beth will place the poster on the cover of the programs for us
    • John will send the text to Beth as soon as he has that done
  • Introduction
    • Jake will have a draft for the introduction by Tuesday
  • Naming Panels
    • Named every panel except for John’s.