English and Journalism

EGO Meeting

Attendees: Jake Runge, Jess Mason McFadden, Ashley Jones, John DeGregorio, Nicole
Hagstrom Schmidt, Layton Schroeder, Dr. Morrow, Jess Scadden


• Dr. Morrow wants to meet with Beth and Jess to discuss the poster before printing.
• Updates on catering:

o Roughly 48 people will cost $434.40 for entrée, starch, vegetable, tossed salads,
roll. $485.77 for iced tea and linens. The room is 30-50 people which may be a
tight squeeze. Multicultural center a possibility? Nicole will contact them.

• Beth secured microphone from library. It can be picked up November 8th and must
returned by November 12th.
• Beth has taken minutes to bank. Dr. Morrow still has to sign.


• Received abstract that includes a dramatic reading. Should we include? Yes, we can find
a panel for this.
• John has broken up abstracts into various panels.
• Dr. Morrow will contact graduate professors who have not submitted an abstract.
• Nicole is working on letter. Should try to get it out by next week sometime.