English and Journalism

Teachers' Perspectives

  • "I rested my head on my hand and closed my eyes, seeing myself in front of a classroom. I remember getting goose bumps. I had not truly realized how much I would get out of teaching before this daydreaming moment. This is when I realized that being in the English Education program at Western Illinois University was the perfect fit for me." Stephanie Gilbert '13
  • "By adapting to the new expectations by which I am now judged, I believe that I am successfully achieving appropriate levels of emotional maturity." James Black '13
  • "One thing I’ve learned during my student teaching experience, and was happy to learn, is that I cannot, under any circumstances, give up on any students." Tracey Meusec '11
  • "I cannot pinpoint exactly when they went from being my students to being my kids, but I know that it happened quickly." Jen Kallenbach '07

Why consider a teaching career?


  • You find pleasure in reading and long to share your enthusiasm with others.
  • You recognize that teachers can change lives.
  • You seek a fulfilling and intellectually stimulating profession.
  • You value the diverse knowledge base central to a language arts program.
  • You appreciate the importance of a literate populace.
  • You understand the power of language.
  • You are committed to life-long learning for yourself and others.
  • You enjoy being with young people and appreciate their youthfulness.
  • You acknowledge that literacy opportunities can create a more equal and just society.
  • You look forward to working with university professors and teaching colleagues whose knowledge of English studies and their combined teaching experiences will help prepare you for teaching in numerous school cultures.