English and Journalism

Department of English and Journalism.


The department gave Book Awards to five of our majors for the Spring 15 semester!

 Pictured from left to right are: Keisha Ruth,  Sarah Lambach, Kimberly Ackers, Ajia Harris from the Macomb campus   Not pictured is Julia McMeekan from the Quad Cities campus.

Journalism Major named College Scholar and Lincoln Laureate

We are proud to announce that Ashley Luke, senior Journalism and Political Science double major, was chosen as the CAS College Scholar and the WIU Lincoln Laureate for Fall 2014!  Congratulations, Ashley, on these tremendous achievements!!

Published Students!

Amy Fogarty and Brandon Nizzio had their works published in the 2014 edition of EX MEDIO, Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society's peer-reviewed journal for the Midwestern Region. Amy published "This Old House" and "Leopard is Not a Color," and Brandon published "Chased by Loss." Amy is a Journalism major with a Creative Writing minor, and Brandon is an English major with a Creative Writing minor. Here is a link to the online journal: http://english.org/sigmatd/pdf/regions/ExMedio2014.pdf

Congratulations graduates!

Congratulations to our Spring 2014 graduates! 34 English majors earned their Bachelor of Arts degree, five with honors, and 14 Journalism majors earned the BA, two with honors. We also awarded 12 Master of Arts in English degrees.

English: Rebecca A. Allen, Sarah K. Bielarski, Corin E. Bodenhamer (magna cum laude), Dana T. Breen, Dustin G. Burnaugh (magna cum laude), Andrew Costigan, Victoria E. Drews (magna cum laude), Michelle M. Dumele, Jonathon T. Eveland, Elizabeth A. Geib, Stephanie R. Gilbert, Juliana D. Goodman, Stephanie L. Gray, William Hardiman, Kaitlynn E. Hays, Paige E. Henninger, Steven T. Kedroski, Jill R. Larkins, Reilly E. Maloney, Kenneth C. Mcentee, Amanda K. Morris, Kylee B. Palmer, Jennifer N. Park, Brittany L. Petrillo, Zachary Pratt, Ronnie P. Robertson (cum laude), William R. Saulnier, Natalie J. Shinn, Brett A. Shriver, Suzanne B. Teague, Briana Y. Tyler, Emily T. Vaughn, Di Ann F. Vulich (cum laude), Leann D. Weiss.

Journalism: Alice Baglin, Sanche Carmona, Osbaldo Castaneda, Amy L. Fogarty (cum laude), Tyler S. Hintz, Luke A. Johnson, Kendra M. Lutterman, Steven W. Lutz, Brittany S. Powell, Kelly L. Sheridan, Akemei S. Smith, Jarnay R. Taper, Ashley B. Whitehouse, and A. M. Zoellner (cum laude).

MA in English: Brittany L. Barrie, Jeremy C. Birkey, Kristyne S. Bradford, Diana L. Chan, Chelsea B. Clearman, E. A. Clothier, N. Hagstrom Schmidt, Jill D. King, Cassidy A. Litle, Timothy B. Nicholas, Emily A. Schoon, and Regina L. Wilkerson.

Siddiqi nominated for diversity awards

Congratulations to Mohammad Siddiqi, nominated for President's Excellence in Diversity Awards for education, leadership and service.

E&J Awards at Undergraduate Research Day

Teddy Mueller (pictured) shared his work on the discourse community of the cast of Oklahoma, supervised by Barbara Harroun, at the 2014 Helm Undergraduate Research Day.

Congratulations to Professor Margaret Sinex, awarded the 2014 Centennial Honors College Award of Excellence in Teaching.