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Success Stories: WIU Student Testimonials

After each session at our writing center, students will have the chance to fill out an online survey that's automatically sent to the email account they provided. It is in that email that we receive feedback about our services to help improve the quality and success of the writing center. Below are just a few of the many amazing comments we've received. 


  • “I like that the writing center employees have a good understanding of the material without knowing anything about our course.”
  • "I appreciate the time, patience, and attention to details that I received tonight and every time I come to the writing center. I really feel like I made significant progress toward completing a very difficult paper."
  • "The Writing Center was super helpful in making me more confident with my paper. It was nice to have some feedback on my writing. Professors usually just give a grade, but they don't say what could have been done differently."
  • "I learned a technique on how to write my papers without becoming overwhelmed.  I never feel belittled when working at the writing center even if I do not have the necessary skills."
  •  “I never visited the writing center as an undergraduate, but now as a graduate student I am appreciating just how valuable of a service this is.”
  • “I originally just came in because I had to for a grade. I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful the experience was.”
  •  “My tutor gave me really good tips about how to write papers in general, and gave me confidence to start my research paper. I felt like she cared about my paper, and about me personally.”
  • “I left the writing center having an understanding of what kind of writer I am and how to better myself.”