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Fall 2015 Case Writer: Isabel Quintero

A reading by Isabel Quintero from Gabi, A Girl in Pieces for the English's Fred Ewing Case & Lola Austin Case Writer-in-Residence.

November 12th, 5:00, Wine Cellars/Taylor Hall downtown Macomb.

Read an article written in WIU's The Mirror and the Lamp written by students: Finding Joy at a Reading with Isabel Quintero

Isabel Quintero will be reading from her novel, Gabi, A Girl in Pieces at the Wine Cellars/Taylor Hall this November 12th at 5:00. "Meet Quintero’s 'fat girl' Gabi, eating and starving and fighting and writing her way through the crushing pressures of high school boy desire, religious approval and Mexican cultural taboos. I cannot think of any book today for young adults as voracious, bold, truthful and timely." —Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of California

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