College of Arts and Sciences

Simpkins 313

Initial Setup
  •  Turn on the computer
  • Power on the projector with remote control (Power button)

Note: If you have difficulty turning the projector on, make sure you are lined up directly in front of the projector and try again. 

Intermediate Setup


  • Set the projector input source to computer1 by pressing the PC button on the projector's remote control.
  • Log in using ecom username and password. 
  • Sound: the audio cord needs to be connected to the computer. Sound can be adjusted from Volume button on the projector's remote control or from the computer's audio setting.


Ending Session
  • Shut down/turn off the computer
  • Use the remote control; press the Power button one time to shutdown/turn off the projector. 

NOTE: This classroom is supported jointly by University Technology and the College of Arts and Sciences. Faculty and Staff needing emergency support should contact the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences at (309) 298-1828. (An emergency is a technological problem that is preventing you from teaching your class.) For non-emergency assistance, please contact the University Technology HelpDesk at (309) 298-2704. (Non-emergency situations include training, installation of new software, etc.)