College of Arts and Sciences

Morgan 316

Initial Setup


  • Retrieve the Z4-key from the lockbox with the Z1-key.
  • Use the Z4-key to unlock the cabinet.
  • Turn on all electronic equipment.
  • If the presenter is on but not in use, its lamps need not be on.
  • Use the presenter's lamp button to change lamp settings as needed.


Intermediate Setup


  • Use the projector remote to set projector input to computer with the computer button.
  • Set the presenter to External mode with presenter's INT/EXT button.
  • Sound: Set the audio device to AUX.
  • For DVD playback:
    • Put the DVD in the computer's DVD-ROM drive.
    • Use InterVideo WinDVD program to play the DVD.
  • Set the projector's input to computer with the computer button on the projector remote.
  • Set the presenter to Internal mode with the presenter's INT/EXT button.
  • Set projector to S-Video with projector remote's S-Video button.
  • Sound: Set audio device to CD.


Ending Session
  • Turn off all of the electronic equipment.
  • Place the remotes inside the cabinet.
  • Lock the cabinet with the Z4-key.
  • Retrieve the Z1-key from the lockbox with the Z4-key.