College of Arts and Sciences

Morgan 310

Initial Setup
  • Use the M-Key to retrieve the Z4-Key from the lockbox
  • Unlock the cabinets with the Z4-Key
  • Turn on all electronic equipment
  • Do not turn on Presenter (Samsung) or VHS Player unless they will be in use

Intermediate Setup

  • Turn on the projector and select the computer button on the projector remote (** This setting is default unless when preciously changed and remains the same for all devices **)
  • Sound: Turn on the Audio Amplifier. Set Audio Amplifier to AUX

Computer Setup

  • Select Input 1 on Input Switch (UXGA/ Audio Switcher)

Presenter (Samsung) Setup

  • Select Input 2 on Input Switch (UXGA/ Audio Switcher)

VCR Player Setup

  • Select Input 3 on Input Switch (UXGA/ Audio Switcher)

Laptop Setup

  • Select Input 4 on Input Switch (UXGA/ Audio Switcher)
Ending Session
  • Turn off all of the electronic equipment.
  • Place the remotes inside the cabinet.
  • Lock the cabinet with the Z4-key.
  • Retrieve the Z1-key from the lockbox with the Z4-key.