College of Arts and Sciences


Morgan 230

Initial Setup


  • This room utilizes a SMART Podium and Mac Mini.
  • Turn on the Mac using the power button on the back of it. 
  • Turn on the projector using the Extron Control Panel.
  • The panel can be used to switch sources and adjust the volume on the speakers.


Intermediate Setup


  • Set projector to computer input with the PC button on the Extron Control Panel.
  • The Mac can be booted on Windows or Macintosh operating systems by selecting the corresponding option on start up.

  • Switch inputs by pressing the corresponding button on the Extron Control Panel


Ending Session
  • Turn off all of the electronic equipment.
  • Place the remotes inside the cabinet.
  • Use the Z4-key to lock the cabinet.
  • Retrieve the Z1-key from the lockbox with the Z4-key.