Department of Biological Sciences

Secondary Science Education - Events for K-12 Students

Year Long Opportunities

Secondary Physics Instrumentation Laboratory

The SPIL (Secondary Physics Instrumentation Laboratory) facility at WIU allows you to provide your students with laboratory experiences that use the latest technology and give students a glimpse at the tools commonly used by scientists today. Activities are designed to enhance the lessons you present in your classroom. We provide all equipment, materials, and write-ups for lab activities, and the SPIL facilities will be staffed with qualified assistants.


Fall Semester Events

Biology Day

This annual high school student event is hosted every fall by the Biology Department at Western Illinois University. It is designed to give high school students a chance to explore different facets of biology through attending presentations, participating in Biology Bowl (Biology based Scholastic Bowl), and participating in a quiz competition, encourage high school students to think seriously about attending college, and introduce them to the campus of Western Illinois University and the Biology Department.

Chemistry and Physics Demonstration Show

For people of all ages. Held in Currens Hall, 205. An opportunity for our graduate and undergraduate students to show off a variety of concepts in physics and chemistry they have learned at WIU in a spectacular way!

Spring Semester Event

Science Olympiad

The Region I Science Olympiad is hosted by the Maurice G. Kellogg Center for Elementary and Middle School Education and supported by many Departments across the University including, but not limited to, the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Geography (Geography, Geographic Information Systems, and Meteorology), and Physics. For more information about this event, see the Illinois Science Olympiad website.   


WYSE Academic Challenge Regional Competition

“Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) is an International program headquartered at the University of Illinois, offering the annual Academic Challenge competition, summer camps, and other programs. The immediate goal is to attract a greater number of talented and diverse students to careers in engineering and the sciences.” For more information about the regional competition, contact Dr. P.K. Babu via email at or by phone at (309) 298-1596.  For more about the WYSE program, you may also contact the University of Illinois via