Department of Biological Sciences

Thomas V. Vogel, Senior Associate Faculty

Plant anatomy & physiology, propagation, genetics and evolution, Cannabis sativa and science education

Contact Information:tom

(309) 298-2329
Waggoner Hall 360


M.S. - Western Illinois University

Courses Taught:
  • BIOL 100 Non-majors Biology
  • BIOL 101 Non-majors Biology 2
  • BOT 200 Introduction to Botany
  • BOT 320 Plant Anatomy
  • BOT 329 Plant Structure and Function
  • BOT 357 Cannabis Biology and Production
  • ZOOL 200 Introduction to Zoology
Current Research Interests

Identify varieties of certified Cannabis sativa seed for regional Illinois growth for dual purpose, cannabinoid and fiber production. Examine varietal differences beginning with germination through maturity; growth analysis under controlled laboratory and field conditions.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of cannabinoids produced by the different C. sativa varieties; and examine the immunotherapeutic potential of the cannabinoids for autism, schizophrenia, clinical depression, addiction and pancreatic cancer treatment.

Train collaborative teams of undergraduate students on the objectives of this research in all aspects from experimental design, conducting research, data collection and analysis, and results reporting.

Development of curricula to enhance course offerings at the WIU Biological Sciences Department.

Ecology and community structure of farmlands/wetlands; a project using Cannabis sativa in the phytoremediation of farmlands/wetlands to restore the pre-contaminated condition.