Department of Biological Sciences

Timothy W. Spier, Associate ProfessorTim

Ichthyology, freshwater fish ecology and management, GIS

Contact Information:
(309) 298-1266

Waggoner Hall 302

Personal Homepage:


Ph.D. - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, 2002

Courses Taught:

  • BIOL 350 General Ecology
  • BIOL 452 Biological Applications of GIS
  • BIOL 501 Biometrics
  • BOT/ZOOL 554 Limnology
  • ZOOL 414 Ichthyology
  • ZOOL 561 Fish Management

timResearch Interests:

I am interested in the fish communities found in small streams, large rivers, and human-made impoundments. I am especially interested in native fishes of Illinois, specifically sturgeon in the Mississippi River. I am also interested in the management of sportfish in human-made impoundments such as reservoirs and farm ponds.

Recent Publications

  • Koch, B., R.C. Brooks, A. Oliver, D. Herzog, J.E. Garvey, R. Hrabik, R. Colombo, Q. Phelps, and Timothy Spier. 2012. Habitat selection and movement of naturally occurring Pallid Sturgeon in the Mississippi River. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 141:112-120.
  • Feger, B., and Timothy Spier. 2010. Evaluation of artificial PVC pipe structures as fish habitat in Spring Lake, Western Illinois, USA. Lakes and Rivers: Research and Management 15:335-340.
  • Colombo, R. E., J. E. Garvey, N. D. Jackson, R. Brooks, D. P. Herzog, R. A. Hrabik, and Timothy W. Spier. 2007. Harvest of Mississippi River sturgeon drives abundance and reproductive success: a harbinger of collapse? Journal of Applied Ichthyology 23 (2007), 444–451.