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susanSusan P. Romano, Assistant Professor

Plant ecology and Geographic Information Systems
Cross-Disciplinary Assignment to the Departments of Biological Sciences and Geography
Program Coordinator, Environmental GIS Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

 Contact Information:

(309) 298-3387
Waggoner Hall 347



Ph.D. - Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2006
M.S. - Western Illinois University 1990
B.S. - Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 1984


Courses Taught:

  • BIOL/GEOG 426(G) Conservation and Management of Natural Resourcessusan
  • BIOL 451/584 Ecological Techniques/Advanced Ecological Techniques
  • BOT 451(G) Plant Ecology
  • BIOL 501 Biometrics
  • BIOL 503 Biosystematics and Evolution
  • GEOG 508 GIS and Cartographic Design
  • GEOG 509 Fundamentals of GIS Analysis
  • GEOG 510 Environmental Impact Analysis


Research Interests:

Forest ecology; ecology of the riparian forest community; regulated river ecology; forest management and silviculture.

My research addresses the ecology, conservation, and management of vegetation within large river systems.  This includes using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a tool to understand ecological relationships between the spatial genetic plant distributions at a landscape scale.  

Recent Publications:
  • Rivera, Karen D., Rebekah L. Haun, Cory A. Anderson, and Susan P. Romano.  2013.  New distribution record for Fundulus diaphanous (LeSueur), family Fundulidae in Illinois.  Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science (2013) Volume 106,
    p. 57.
  • Andress, A., and Susan P. Romano. 2011. Propagule bank composition of proposed drawdown areas in Pool 18, Upper Mississippi River. Presented to the US Geological Survey and the US Army Corps of Engineers, March 15, 2011.
  • Moore, M., Susan P. Romano, and T. Cook. 2010. Synthesis of Upper Mississippi River System submersed and emergent aquatic vegetation: Past, present, and future. Hydrobiologia 640:103–114.
  • Romano, Susan P. 2010. Our current understanding of the Upper Mississippi River System floodplain forest. Hydrobiologia (2010) 640:115–124.
  • Romano, Susan P., S.G. Baer, J.J. Zaczek, and K. Williard. 2009. Site modeling methods for detecting hydrologic alteration of flood frequency and flood duration in the floodplain below the Carlyle Dam, Lower Kaskaskia River, Illinois, USA. River Research and Applications 25: 975-984.