Department of Biological Sciences

Andrea Porras-Alfaro, Associate Professor

Mycology, microbial molecular ecologyAndrea

Contact Information:

Office: Waggoner Hall 287
Lab: Waggoner Hall 273
Phone number: (309) 298 1267

Personal Homepage:


Ph.D. - University of New Mexico, 2008
M.S. - University of Puerto Rico, 2004
B.S. - Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica, 2000

Courses Taught:
  • BOT 200 Introduction to Botany
  • MICR 401G Mycology
  • MICR 464G Medical Mycology
  • BIOL 502 Molecular Applications in Organismal Biology
Research Interests:

My laboratory focuses studies fungal symbiotic associations, their emergent properties, and the effect of global climate change on fungal diversity and community structure. We are interested in ecological roles of fungi, their diversity, biogeographical distributions, and potential applications of novel fungal consortia.

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