Department of Biological Sciences

meshackMeshack Afitlhile, Professor

Lipidomics, Gene Regulation, and Oxidative Stress

Contact Information:

Office: Waggoner Hall 311


Tel: (309) 298-2534


University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2001-2003), Postdoctoral Scholar 

University of Kentucky (2001), Ph.D.

Rhodes University, South Africa, B.S. (Honors) in 1990 and M.S. in 1993

Courses Taught:

Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biol 330

Plant Physiology/Biochemistry, Bot 430G

Biological Concepts, Biol 100

Research Interests:

My laboratory is interested in oxidative stress-induced global lipid profiles, simply referred to as lipidomics. These studies include gene and protein expression. As a model system, we use T-DNA insertion mutants of Arabidopsis to evaluate the role of chloroplast receptors in the import of cytoplasm-synthesized enzymes, mainly fatty acid desaturases. We employ conditions that promote de novo lipid synthesis, which help us evaluate the role of TOC receptors in the import of lipid synthesizing enzymes. For data acquisition, we employ RT-PCR, qPCR, immunoblots, ESI-MS/MS, and LC-MS.


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