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Kibbe Research Station

jollyThe Alice L. Kibbe Life Science Station is a scientific research and instructional unit of Western Illinois University, established in 1964. It is a permanent field installation designed and operated to offer opportunities for special study to qualified scientists, students and persons interested in all branches of science. The University also operates the Station as a nature preserve to protect its unique natural features from unnecessary human disturbance.

Kibbe Station consists of about 215 acres. The Nature Conservancy owns 734 acres adjacent to the Station that provide a sanctuary for wintering populations of eagles, and the Illinois Department of Conservation owns a 206-acre nature preserve and floodplain forest in the immediate vicinity of the Station. The properties are readily available for use by students and staff of the Station.

fireThe many diversified habitats at Kibbe Station and in the near vicinity afford excellent opportunities for studies in aquatic and terrestrial field biology. The sandbars, islands, and sloughs of the Mississippi River, as well as the sand hills located occasionally along the banks, are easily accessible.

Floodplain forests along the shoreline of the Station contrast sharply with the upland timber regions located on the sides and tops of the bluffs. Limestone outcroppings are common. Hill prairies are found on the bluffs and temporary streams are found in the ravines. An established tall grass prairie is another salamanderfeature of the Station.

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The physical plant of Kibbe Station includes several buildings:

  • Insect Collection
  • Vertebrate Animal Collection

seanLaboratories, dining room, kitchen, staff room, station office, and living areas are located in the Frank House. The resident manager and family have living quarters in the Miltner House.

PICTURES 2015  SP Zoology FYE Class Trip to Kibbe