African American Studies

Graduate Certificate in African and African Diaspora World Studies

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in African and African Diaspora World Studies is a truly global interdisciplinary area of study that offers students advanced opportunity for intellectual inquiry about peoples of African descent in the United States, Africa, South America and the Caribbean, Europe and other parts of the world that people of African ancestry call home.

The certificate program will enhance students’ knowledge of diversity issues and offer opportunities for graduate students who wish to explore theses topics from the African and African Diaspora studies perspective while enrolled in traditional graduate programs.

Because of its global focus, this program will increase students’ chances in employment requiring knowledge of international studies. Current Illinois teachers interested in increasing their competence in diversity education or in issues relating to African Americans, or those who want greater knowledge and competence in teaching cultures and traditions of people of African ancestry, will find this program most rewarding. It is also useful for those currently in graduate schools or those who have already secured graduate degrees and are preparing or intending to teach African American Studies, African and or African Diaspora Studies.

The post-baccalaureate certificate in African and African Diaspora World Studies offers students interdisciplinary perspectives on the study of Africa and the African Diaspora.  This program will provide opportunities to obtain advanced knowledge and conduct research in the field of African and African Diaspora world studies for those pursuing graduate degrees in other departments, or who need or desire special knowledge of Africa and its Diaspora for relevant careers in our increasingly global world, or to satisfy a desire for graduate education at the post-baccalaureate level. Students enrolled in a master’s degree program in another discipline may use coursework in the proposed program as part of their degree as allowed through specific degree requirements.  Those who have served in or intend to serve in the Peace Corps in Africa or its Diaspora could benefit from this program in order to attain a higher, deeper qualification about areas and cultures in which they have or will have lived, or ones that are becoming for them a growing passion and academic curiosity. Those who enroll in the certificate program as a stand-alone program of study may complete the courses for the certificate without degree status. The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in African and African Diaspora World Studies provides an option for students who have a particular interest in global studies, interdisciplinary and multicultural studies, and especially those who would choose courses in the discipline of African and African Diaspora World Studies to complement their graduate studies or enhance their career interest. This program will provide K-12 teachers post-baccalaureate certification in diversity education or competence in the teaching of African Americans Studies. It will also strengthen the knowledge and qualifications of all those who want to seek stronger expertise as teachers or workers in the areas of African American Cultures, African Studies or African Diaspora Studies at any level no matter what baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate degrees they already have or are currently pursuing.  

The future career and scholarly opportunity provided for students interested in the Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences with an African and African Diaspora World Studies graduate certification is unlimited.

Application Process:

Persons interested in the African and African Diaspora World Studies graduate certificate should contact us at All graduate applications can be completed online at WIU’s Graduate Schools website. Listed below are the website addresses for application to the certificate program: