College of Arts and Sciences

Career Paths

Career Department
Abstract Writer English & Journalism
Accountant, Public Practice Mathematics
Account Executive History
Accounting Mathematics
Actuary Mathematics
Addiction Counselor Social Work
Admissions Counselor Sociology & Anthropology
Adoption Counselor Sociology & Anthropology
Advertising Account Executive English & Journalism
Advertising Agencies Foreign Languages
Advertising Agent English & Journalism
Advertising Copywriter English & Journalism
Aerial Photographer Geology
Aerial Photo Interpreter Geography
Aerospace Engineering Mathematics
Agricultural Engineer Geology
Agricultural Scientist Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Agronomist Biological Sciences
Airlines Foreign Languages
Anesthesiologist Chemistry
Animal Breeder Biological Sciences
Animal Scientist Biological Sciences
Animal Trainer Biological Sciences
Aquarium Technician Biological Sciences
Archeologist Geology
Archivist History
Assayer Chemistry
Assignment Editor English & Journalism
Auditor Mathematics
Banks Foreign Languages
Bibliographer English & Journalism
Bilingual Secretary Foreign Languages
Biochemist/Molecular Biologist Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Biochemist Chemistry
Bioengineer Biological Sciences
Biographer English & Journalism
Biological Illustrator Biological Sciences
Biological Photographer Biological Sciences
Biologist Biological Sciences
Biomedical Engineer Chemistry
Biomedical Technologist Biological Sciences
Biometrician Biological Sciences
Biotechnologist Biological Sciences
Book Store Manager English & Journalism
Botanist Biological Sciences
Brewery Laboratory Assistant Chemistry
Budget Analyst Political Science
Budget Officer Mathematics
Building Materials Specialist Geology
Business & Industry Foreign Languages
Business Manager Mathematics
Campaign Manager Congressional Aide Political Science
Career Counselor Psychology
Career Planning & Placement Director Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Cartographer Geography; Geology
Cartography Compiler Geography
Caseworker Sociology & Anthropology
Census Bureau Worker Sociology & Anthropology
Chemical Engineer Chemistry
Chemist Chemistry
Child/Adult Care Worker Psychology
Child Care Specialist Psychology
Chiropractor Biological Sciences
CIA/FBI Agent Foreign Languages
Circuit Court Judge History
Civil Engineer Geology
Claim Adjuster/Examiner Psychology
Clergy Sociology & Anthropology
Climatologist Geography
Clinical Chemist Biological Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Industry Product Biological Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Industry Research Biological Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Industry Sales Biological Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Researcher Biological Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist Biological Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Test Developer Biological Sciences
Clinical Psychologist Psychology
Clinical Sociology Sociology & Anthropology
CLS/MT Education Biological Sciences
Collections Officer Political Science
College and University Librarian History
College and University Professor Law History
College Professor English & Journalism
Colleges and Universities Foreign Languages
Color Development Chemist Chemistry
Columnist/Commentator English & Journalism
Communications Consultant Foreign Languages
Communication Specialist Sociology & Anthropology
Community Relations Director English & Journalism; Political Science; Sociology & Anthropology
Community Service Agency Worker Sociology & Anthropology
Computer Graphics/Design Geography
Computer Mapper Geography
Computer Programmer Geography; Mathematics
Computer Sales Mathematics
Computer Scientist Mathematics
Computer Software Engineer Chemistry
Consultant Mathematics; Sociology & Anthropology
Consumer Advocate English & Journalism; Political Science
Consumer Affairs Investigator English & Journalism
Cooperative Extension Agent Sociology & Anthropology
Copy Editor English & Journalism; Foreign Languages
Corporate Communications Specialist English & Journalism
Corporate Executive History
Corporate Historian History
Correctional Caseworker Psychology
Correctional Counselor Sociology & Anthropology
Correction Officer Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Cost Analyst History
Cottage Parent Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Counseling Psychologist Psychology
Counselor Sociology & Anthropology
Court Interpreter Foreign Languages
Crime Lab Analyst Chemistry
Cultural Officer Foreign Languages
Customer Service Representative English & Journalism; Foreign Languages
Customs/Immigration Officer Foreign Languages; Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Cytotechnologist Biological Sciences
Day Care Worker Sociology & Anthropology
Demographer Geography; Mathematics; Sociology & Anthropology
Dentist Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Desktop Publisher English & Journalism
Developmental Psychologist Psychology
Dietician Chemistry
Disability Examiner Sociology & Anthropology
Drug/Health Equipment Sales Biological Sciences
Drug Testing Biological Sciences
Earth Science Instructor Geology
Ecologist Biological Sciences; Geography
Econometrics Mathematics
Economic Development Specialist Geography
Economic Geologist Geology
Economist Mathematics; Political Science; Sociology & Anthropology
Editorial Assistant English & Journalism
Editorial Writer English & Journalism
Editor English & Journalism; Foreign Languages; History
Educational Psychologist Psychology
Educator/Teacher Mathematics
Efficiency Engineering Mathematics
Elected Official Political Science
Employment Agency Counselor Psychology
Employment Coordinator Psychology
Employment Interviewer Sociology & Anthropology
English/Language Arts Teacher English & Journalism
English/Literature Professor English & Journalism
Entomologist Chemistry
Environmental Compliance Coordinator Geology
Environmental Control Specialist Geography
Environmental Engineer Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Geology
Environmental Health Specialist Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Environmental Health Biological Sciences
Environmental Legal Consultant Geology
Environmental Scientist Geography
EPA Inspector Chemistry
Epidemiologist Biological Sciences
Ergometrician Sociology & Anthropology
Escort Interpreter/Guide Foreign Languages
Exploration/Development Geologist Geology
Export Companies Foreign Languages
Family Development Specialist Sociology & Anthropology
Family Support Services Psychology
FDA Inspector Chemistry
Federal Employee/Agent (domestic) Foreign Languages
Film Reviewer English & Journalism
Finance Companies Foreign Languages
Financial Aid Director Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Financial Analyst Mathematics
Fire Protection Engineer Chemistry
Fisheries Conservationist Biological Sciences
Flight Attendant Foreign Languages
Food/Catering Services Foreign Languages
Food & Drug Inspector Chemistry
Food Scientist/Technologist Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Foreign Film Dubber Foreign Languages
Foreign Language Instructor (companies, institutions, two-year colleges) Foreign Languages
Foreign Language Shorthand Reporter Foreign Languages
Foreign Language Teacher (6-12) Foreign Languages
Foreign News Correspondent Foreign Languages
Foreign Service Officer Foreign Languages; History; Political Science
Foreign Student Adviser Foreign Languages
Forensic Chemist Chemistry
Forensics/Crime Lab Biological Sciences
Forester Biological Sciences
Free-lance Writer English & Journalism
Genetic Engineering Research Assistant Biological Sciences
Geographer Geology; Sociology & Anthropology
Geographic Attache Geography
Geographic Information Specialist Geography
Geography/Earth Science Teacher Geography
Geological Consultant Geology
Geological Illustrator Geology
Geological Oceanographer Geology
Geologist Chemistry; Geology
Geomorphologist Geology
Geophysicists Geology
Geoscience Textbook Editor Geology
Geotechnical Engineer Geology
Geo-Technician Geology
Geriatric Social Worker Social Work
Gerontologist Psychology
Glacial Geologist Geology
Government Intelligence Analyst Political Science
Graduate Teaching or Research Assistant Foreign Languages
Grant Writer English & Journalism
Greeting Card Writer English & Journalism
Hazardous Waste Manager Geology
Health Officer Biological Sciences
Health Physicist Biological Sciences
Highway Planner Geography
Historian Sociology & Anthropology
Historical Society Manager or Staff Person History
Historic Preservation Specialist History
Historic Site Specialists and/or Administrator History
Histotechnologist Biological Sciences
Horticultural Scientist Biological Sciences
Hospice Coordinator Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Hospital Administration Biological Sciences
Hospital Administrator Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Hotel Employee or Administrator Foreign Languages
Human Resource Manager History; Sociology & Anthropology
Human Resources Director English & Journalism
Hydrogeologist Chemistry; Geology; Mathematics
Hydrologist Chemistry; Geography; Mathematics
Immigration Inspector/Agent Foreign Languages
Immigration Officer Foreign Languages
Immunologist Biological Sciences
Indexer Foreign Languages
Industrial Developer Geography
Industrial Hygienist Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Psychology
Information Science Mathematics
Information Scientist English & Journalism
Insurance Agent/Broker English & Journalism
Insurance Companies Foreign Languages
Insurance Underwriter Sociology & Anthropology
Intelligence Researcher Foreign Languages
International Banker Foreign Languages; Political Science
International Conference Planner Foreign Languages
International Consultant Foreign Languages
International Marketing Assistant Foreign Languages
International Organization Official Political Science
International Relations Specialist History
International Trade Specialist Foreign Languages; Political Science
Interpreter Foreign Languages
Interpreter & Translator English & Journalism
Job Analyst Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Journalist/News Correspondent History
Journalist Reporter/Newscaster English & Journalism
Journalist Political Science
Juvenile Corrections Officer Sociology & Anthropology
Laboratory Business Manager/Director Biological Sciences
Laboratory Instrument Maintenance Laboratory Technical Supervisor Biological Sciences
Laboratory Quality Assurance Officer Biological Sciences
Labor Relations Specialist Psychology
Land Developer Geography
Landscape Architect Geography
Landscaper/Nursery Worker Geology
Law Enforcement Investigator Geology
Law Enforcement Officer Political Science
Law Enforcement Foreign Languages
Lawyer English & Journalism; Political Science
Legal Assistant Political Science
Legislative Aide English & Journalism
Legislative Staff Worker Political Science
Lexicographer English & Journalism
Librarian English & Journalism
Libraries Foreign Languages
Library Technician Foreign Languages
Linguist Foreign Languages
Literacy Trainer English & Journalism
Literary Agent English & Journalism
Literary Critic English & Journalism
Lobbyist English & Journalism; Political Science
Magazine Editor English & Journalism
Major Corporations Foreign Languages
Manager of Research and Planning History
Manuscript and Records Manager History
Map Analyst Geography
Map Curator/Librarian Geography
Map Editor Geography
Marine Adviser Geology
Marine Biologist Biological Sciences
Marine Resource Analyst Biological Sciences
Marketing Analyst Geography
Marketing Manager/Researcher Mathematics
Marketing Research Mathematics
Marketing Research Worker Sociology & Anthropology
Market Research Analyst English & Journalism; Political Science; Psychology
Marriage Counselor Psychology
Materials Analyst Geology
Materials Scientist/Engineer Chemistry
Mathematician Mathematics
Math Researcher Mathematics
Media Buyer English & Journalism; Mathematics
Media Consultant English & Journalism
Media Planner English & Journalism
Medical Centers Foreign Languages
Medical Illustrator Biological Sciences
Medical Social Worker Social Work
Medical Technologist Chemistry
Mental Health Worker Psychology
Metallurgist Chemistry
Meteorologist Geography
Microbiologist Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Mineralogist Geology
Mining Engineer Geology
Minority Groups & Race Relations Motivational Researcher Sociology & Anthropology
Minority Groups & Race Relations Personnel Interviewer Psychology
Missionary Sociology & Anthropology
Mission Worker Foreign Languages
Museum Curator/Researcher Geology
Museum Curator Chemistry; History
Museums Foreign Languages
News Director English & Journalism
Newspaper/Broadcast Journalist English & Journalism; Political Science
Newspaper Editor English & Journalism
Newspaper Reporter English & Journalism
News Writer English & Journalism
Nuclear Medicine Technologist - AA Degree Program Biological Sciences
Nursing Home Administrator Sociology & Anthropology
Nursing Biological Sciences
Occupational Safety Specialist Chemistry
Occupational Therapist Biological Sciences
Oceanographer Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Office Manager English & Journalism
Operations Analyst Mathematics
Operations Research Analyst Mathematics
Optometrist Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Paleontologist Geology
Paralegal English & Journalism
Park Naturalist Geology
Parks & Recreation Foreign Languages
Pastoral Counselor Psychology
Patent Agent Chemistry; Sociology & Anthropology; Foreign Languages; Political Science
Penologist Sociology & Anthropology
Perfumer Chemistry
Pest Control Business Manager Chemistry
Petroleum Engineer Geology
Petroleum Geologist Geology
Petrologist Geology
Pharmaceutical Detailer Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Pharmaceuticals Biological Sciences
Pharmacy Technician Chemistry
Photojournalist English & Journalism
Physical Therapist Biological Sciences
Physical Therapy Biological Sciences
Physician (Allopathic, Osteopathic) Biological Sciences
Physician Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Physiologist Biological Sciences
Plant Pest Control Inspector Biological Sciences
Plant Quarantine Inspector Biological Sciences
Plastics Engineer Chemistry
Playwright English & Journalism
Podiatrist Biological Sciences
Police Officer Foreign Languages
Policy & Procedures Analyst English & Journalism
Political Campaign Organizer English & Journalism
Political Consultant English & Journalism
Political Science Teacher Political Science
Political Scientist Sociology & Anthropology
Pollution Analyst Chemistry
Pollution Control Specialist Geography
Population Studies Researcher Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Press Agent English & Journalism
Press Secretary English & Journalism
Primary/Secondary Education Teacher (History and Social Studies) History
Prison Classification Interviewer Sociology & Anthropology
Prisoner Classification Interviewer Psychology
Probation/Parole Officer Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Product Tester Chemistry
Project Manager Geology
Proofreader English & Journalism; Foreign Languages
Prospector Geology
Psychiatric Assistant Psychology
Psychiatric Social Worker Social Work
Psychiatrist Chemistry
Psychiatrist Psychology
Psychologist Sociology & Anthropology
Psychology Teacher Psychology
Psychometrist Psychology
Public Administrator/City Manager Political Science
Public Affairs Coordinator English & Journalism
Publications Editor English & Journalism
Public Health Agencies Foreign Languages
Public Health Statistician Biological Sciences; Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Public Health Biological Sciences
Public Opinion Analyst Political Science
Public Opinion Interviewer Psychology
Public Opinion Interviewer Sociology & Anthropology
Public Relations Director Political Science
Public Relations Specialist Chemistry; English & Journalism; Psychology
Public Relations Sociology & Anthropology
Publisher English & Journalism
Purchasing Agent/Buyer Chemistry; Mathematics
Quality Assurance Manager Chemistry
Quality Control Manager Chemistry
Quality Control Supervisor Mathematics
Radio and TV Producer History
Radiologist Chemistry
Radio/TV Announcer English & Journalism; Foreign Languages; Political Science
Radio/TV Executive English & Journalism
Radio/TV Script Writer Foreign Languages
Real Estate Broker Mathematics
Red Cross Biological Sciences
Rehabilitation Counselor Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Remote Sensing Specialist Geography
Research Cartographer Geography
Researcher Biological Sciences; English & Journalism; History
Researcher (w/primary FL sources) Foreign Languages
Research Psychologist Psychology
Sales Representative Biological Sciences; Chemistry; English & Journalism
Sales Supervisor Sociology & Anthropology
Sanitarian Chemistry
School Administrator History
School Counselor Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
School Districts Nationwide Foreign Languages
School Psychologist Psychology
Science and Technical Writer Geology
Science Laboratory Technician Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Science or Hospital Laboratory Technician Supervisor Biological Sciences
Science Teacher Chemistry
Scientific Instrument or Supply Sales Seismic Data Processor Geology
Scientific Photographer Chemistry; Geology
Scientific Publications Editor English & Journalism
Screen/Television English & Journalism
Screenwriter English & Journalism
Script Reader English & Journalism
Script Writer English & Journalism
Securities Analyst Mathematics
Security Analyst Mathematics
Site Development Consultant Geology
Site Researcher Geography
Social Problems Analyst Sociology & Anthropology
Social Psychologist Psychology
Social Research Assistant Sociology & Anthropology
Social Services Foreign Languages
Social Worker Foreign Languages; History; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Sociology Teacher Sociology & Anthropology
Soil Conservationist Biological Sciences; Geography
Soil Scientist, Agriculture Geology
Soil Scientist Chemistry
Specialist Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology
Specification Writer Chemistry
Speech Writer English & Journalism
Sportswriter English & Journalism
State and Local Government Agencies Foreign Languages
Statistician Mathematics
Stock Broker History
Substance Abuse Counselor Psychology
Surveyor Geology; Mathematics
Systems Analyst/Consultant Mathematics
Systems Analyst Chemistry
Tax Administrator Mathematics
Teacher of Ethnic Minorities Foreign Languages
Teacher, Science Biological Sciences
Technical Staff Mathematics
Technical Writer Biological Sciences; Chemistry; English & Journalism
Telephone Companies Foreign Languages
Television/Film Director English & Journalism
Television/Film Producer English & Journalism
Television Production Assistant English & Journalism
TESOL/ESL Teacher Foreign Languages
Theatrical Agent English & Journalism
Tourist Agencies Foreign Languages
Tour Organizer/Guide Foreign Languages
Tour Organizer Foreign Languages
Toxicologist Chemistry
Toxicology Biological Sciences
Translation Service Company Owner Foreign Languages
Translator/Linguist English & Journalism
Translator Foreign Languages
Transportation Companies Foreign Languages
Travel Agent English & Journalism; Foreign Languages
Treasury Agent History
UNESCO Official Foreign Languages
Upper-Level Governmental and Archival Positions History
Urban Planner Political Science
Urban Planning Sociology & Anthropology
Urban/Regional Developer Sociology & Anthropology
Urban/Regional Planner Geography; Geology
U.S. Government Foreign Languages
U.S. Military Officer History
Veterinarian Biological Sciences; Chemistry
Veterinary Clinic Biological Sciences
Vocational/Rehabilitation Counselor Psychology
Wage & Hour Administrator Mathematics
Wage/Salary Analyst Mathematics
Wastewater Treatment Operator Chemistry
Water Purification Chemist Chemistry
Welfare Eligibility Worker Social Work
Well Logging Specialist Geology
Wildlife Biologist Biological Sciences
Writer/Author English & Journalism; Psychology
Writer/Biographer History
Writing Center Director English & Journalism
Youth Volunteer Director Sociology & Anthropology
Zoo Curator Biological Sciences
Zoologist Biological Sciences