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What Our Graduates are Saying


Wilcer with Millipede "I was the Environmental Education and Outdoor Recreation Intern at Lyman Woods (Downers Grove, IL) in the summer of 2013. I was selected for this internship based on my experiences at WIU, mainly because of my background in biology and my involvement with the Zoology Club. As an intern, I cared for the nature center's education animals, assisted the center's beekeeper with hive maintenance and honey harvesting and presented nature programs for children aged 4 -14. After interning, I was offered a position teaching wildlife and nature programs and I now work there during university breaks. I love what I'm doing and I wouldn't be where I am today without the support I have received from the Department of Biological Sciences at WIU." Sarh Wilcer, Undergraduate, Department of Biological Sciences






Nursing Image"I did an internship at Great River Medical Center in Burlington, IA. I was placed on the Acute Care floor. The experience was excellent in that I was able to interact, communicate, and practice skills in the hospital setting. I would recommend applying to an internship because of the experience it offers." John–WIU School of Nursing student






Schahl with Giraffes "My name is Jennifer Schahl and I received my B.S in Biology, my post-bac certificate in Zoo & Aquarium Studies and my Masters in Biology from WIU. The summer of my sophomore year I did an internship at the Scovill Zoo in Decatur, IL. I was a seasonal zookeeper and it was this internship that solidified what I wanted to do as a career. I also volunteered at the Peoria Zoo and began doing research there. Because of my volunteering efforts, I was offered a part-time job and that became a full-time job. It is very hard to break into the zoo field, but because of my education, internship and volunteering, I landed the job of my dreams!" Jennifer Schahl, Graduate, Department of Biological Sciences






Nursing Image"I really enjoyed my internship in Burlington.  I was able to do a lot of hands on, saw critical patients and got to observe areas of nursing I did not consider.  It was very flexible and I really felt like part of the team by the end of the summer.  I also felt more confident in my skills and knowledge by the end of the summer and felt I had not lost any momentum for the start of school in the fall.  It was a great opportunity." Angie –WIU School of Nursing student





Marshall with Davis Western Illinois University's WIU in D.C. program has its first intern spending his fall semester immersing himself in the city's political culture. 

Mathew Marshall, a junior political science major from Monticello, IL, is spending the next several months as an intern in Congressman Rodney Davis' Washington, D.C. office.

WIU political science Professor Janna Deitz recently worked to revamp the WIU in D.C. program. The resulting program provides opportunities to students in any academic area to work in congressional offices, federal government agencies, political organizations or professional associations. She traveled to Washington, DC in May to advertise the program to Illinois' Congressional offices.  Read more