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Summer 2013 AP High School Physics

The Western Illinois University Physics Department will be offering a special section of university calculus-based physics targeting high school students between their junior and senior years of high school.

This exciting course will be a session of our Physics 211, University Physics I (Calculus-Based), for the Summer 2013 eight week session from June 3 through July 26 and it will meet from 9:00-11:30 each day from Monday through Thursday with the usual lecture, homework, discussion, and laboratory components.

Students interested in taking this course should have completed six semesters of high school work by this summer (completion of junior year). They should also have completed at least two years of high school algebra (note that trigonometry is preferable, but not mandatory). Concepts of calculus needed in the course will be taught simultaneously. This course will be comparable to AP (not regular) high school physics. This course will be fast-paced and rigorous, but interesting and challenging for students.

All students desiring to take this course must follow the admission process to WIU as outlined below. After gaining admission to WIU, students will need to send their name and WIU ID to Tiffany Erickson ( to register for the class as it requires special permission from the department.

The current approximate cost is $1392.48 ($267.07 per credit hour plus $81.05 in fees) for a four-credit hour class.

Students in their junior year (having completed only four semesters of coursework) who wish to attend must complete the five items below and be approved by WIU-CAGAS (Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards).

Questions may be addressed to Dr. Mark Boley, Chair, WIU Physics Department at (309)298-1596 or

WIU Admission Policy:

  1. Complete a WIU application and pay $30 online fee
  2. Supply high school transcript showing completion of six semesters of coursework and ACT scores
  3. Meet regular freshman admission requirements
  4. Provide a letter of support from their high school principal or counselor
  5. After admission, send an email with their WIU ID and express their desire to register in Summer 2013 Physics 211 course for high school student to