Board of Trustees

Western Illinois University
President Al Goldfarb
2009 Performance Review

As directed by the Board of Trustees, the Presidential Evaluation Subcommittee conducted its Performance Review of President Goldfarb.

The Subcommittee met with President Goldfarb; Provost & Academic Vice President Jack Thomas; Vice President for Student Services Garry Johnson; Vice President for Administrative Services Jackie Thompson; Vice President for Advancement & Public Services Dan Hendricks; and Vice President for Quad Cities, Planning and Technology.

The Subcommittee also contacted outside community leaders.

The Subcommittee received feedback from two university constituency groups, the WIUQC Faculty Council and the Faculty Senate.

The Subcommittee also received and reviewed President Goldfarb's Self-Evaluation – Fiscal Year 2009, and the President's Performance survey Report (Spring 2009) received from the Faculty Senate.

President Goldfarb is again to be enthusiastically commended for an outstanding year of leadership in both the university and community. President Goldfarb continues to serve with honor and pleasure as President. Even in these difficult and challenging times he believes, and we agree, that we are making progress on key initiatives and enhancing the reputation of the university, and we agree.

President Goldfarb has been successful in managing continued budget issues so as to minimize the impact on the academic mission; continued to implement the strategic plan and report on strategic accomplishments; prepares for NCA accreditation; continued to seek release of PAC construction funds; continued to seek WIU-QC construction funds; continued to work on the comprehensive campaign with a record breaking year of $9 million and almost half way to our $60 million campaign goal; worked on final approval for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and on the final approval and funding of $1 million for the engineering program in the Quad Cities; worked with the Provost on academic initiatives; remains a very present President for the campus and both of its communities along with continued presentations throughout the region as well as attending a multitude of events; continued to make administration accessible to all constituents; and near completion of the Multicultural Center, renovation of Memorial Hall, and expansion of the Recreation Center.

Through his leadership funds have been added to scholarships and financial aid; additional enhancements have been made to technology including creating a program to regularly replace faculty and classroom technology; the Strategic Plan has been revised and he continues to focus on the action items in the university's plan.

Besides his duties as President, he was the only university president to serve on the Higher Education Master Planning Task Force; guest lectured in numerous courses as well as spoke to high school groups throughout the region on the Holocaust; and served on the Board for the Renaissance Group. He attended numerous Alumni events throughout the state and nation. He has made numerous trips to Springfield to lobby for a capital bill and operating budget on behalf of WIU.

Feedback from the WIUQC Faculty Council reflect that his decision to assign Dr. Rives to the QC was a clear signal to staff, faculty and community of his support for the QC campus, and his routine visits, special events, and open meetings reflects his faith in the QC campus and encourages faculty and staff to continue working hard toward the goals of the Strategic Plan.

The President's Performance Survey Report reflects a caring, hard-working and dedicated leader. While concerns were expressed about the campus infrastructure and fiscal needs of the University, the reality is that these same conditions are being experienced by all public universities because of the reduction of state funding.

The Board of Trustees again wishes to express to Dr. Goldfarb its sincere appreciation and gratitude for his remarkable job as the President of Western Illinois University. We look forward with pleasure to his continued leadership and the continuing successes of Western Illinois University.

Submitted on behalf of the Western Illinois University Board of Trustees by:

Steven Nelson, Chair, Presidential Evaluation Subcommittee
William Epperly, Member, Presidential Evaluation Subcommittee

Accepted by:

Al Goldfarb, President, Western Illinois University

June 3, 2009