Board of Trustees

Western Illinois University
President Al Goldfarb
2007 Performance Review

The Western Illinois University Board of Trustees enthusiastically commends Dr. Al Goldfarb for another outstanding year of university and community leadership. Acting on strategic plan guidelines and agreed-upon goals, he has grown and insured the value of the educational experience at WIU, further integrated the university and its communities, effectively advocated for the university with public officials, and employed a responsible, inclusive and fair management style. He has more than exceeded our expectations, and we are very pleased.

Dr. Goldfarb has been successful in many ways. To count a few, he has skillfully continued to:

  • manage budget issues so as to minimize impact on the academic mission;

  • implement, reinforce, report on and renew the strategic plan;

  • play an active and visible leadership role in the region and the state;

  • lead the university and its communities in lobbying for desired WIU state funding;

  • drive diversity programs; build donor initiatives;

  • complete master planning;

  • arrange the structure for an upcoming capital campaign; and be accessible to all constituents.

He has empowered academic leaders to develop new programs and strengthen curriculum. He has effectively delegated responsibility while maintaining intimate knowledge of university budgets, activities, plans and outcomes. Under his leadership several student-supported building projects have been initiated, and WIU programs have been recognized as outstanding by public policymakers. He is effective and visible on and off campus, attending a great many university and community events in the past year even in spite of his period of medical leave.

Feedback from university constituency groups indicates strong, positive feelings about Dr. Goldfarb’s leadership and much appreciation for his enthusiastic support of people and events. He inspires. He communicates. Morale is high. Terms used to describe him include:

  • tireless

  • responsive

  • accessible

  • honest

  • trusted

  • organized

He treats all constituents with dignity, care and respect. He seeks input before making decisions and makes each employee feel that his or her input is valued. He energetically embraces alumni. He supports salary equity and in spite of budgetary constraints, salaries were increased again last year. Campus technology updating – an important but complex area that has been listed for improvement – is underway. It is hoped that increased funding from the state deferred maintenance budget will soon be available to address other needed physical improvements on campus.

Community leaders are very positive about Dr. Goldfarb’s strong, innovative and responsive style of leadership. He has significantly increased the visibility and awareness of WIU in the state and our communities, and he has brought the communities and community leaders into the university as partners. He is well liked and considered extremely knowledgeable, and is an effective advocate for WIU before policymakers in the state, our communities and Springfield. Dr. Goldfarb serves on a number of important educational, economic development and quality of life boards and groups for the benefit of WIU and our communities. In the words of one community representative with whom we visited, “Dr. Goldfarb is clearly positioning WIU as a top-notch university.

The Board of Trustees wishes to express to Dr. Goldfarb its sincere appreciation for the remarkable job he is doing in leading Western Illinois University. We look forward with pleasure to continuing with him on the continued path of success for WIU.

Submitted on behalf of the Western Illinois Board of Trustees by:
Carolyn Ehlert, Chair, Presidential Evaluation Subcommittee
Steve Nelson, Member, Presidential Evaluation Subcommittee

Accepted by:
Al Goldfarb, President, Western Illinois University

June 1, 2007