Here Come the Mummies

The Forum on The Courthouse Square
Must by 20 years old to attend
Friday, November 2, 2012
7:30 PM
Check them out on YouTube!

Over 5000 years ago, from the dry stretches of the not-so-fertile crescent, wandered a well-endowed, if foul smelling tribe, Expleticus Deleticus. They played upon musical instruments that, although crude, were nevertheless vessels of seeming infinite funkiness. For years, scholars of the ancient world wondered what became of this lost nomadic tribe. Then, In 1922, Professor Dumblucke unearthed the ruins of an ancient nightclub to find a dozen undead Egyptian mummies astoundingly still in the act of performing! From these, who called themselves HERE COME THE MUMMIES, Professor Dumblucke learned of the powerful curse that doomed them to wander the earth, seeking the ultimate riff, the one that may allow their souls to rest after eons of “banging out solid fly grooves”.

Now, more undead than Dick Clark (but without the Lego snap-on hair), and cursed with a funk so strong, you’ll never want to wash again, here comes… HERE COME THE MUMMIES.

Here Come the Mummies |

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