Walters Video on Nelson Atkins Website

KC Vultus by Bruce Walters

KC Vultus by Bruce Walters

The video KC Vultus by Bruce Walters is on the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Studio 33 website.

The video was made from photographs he shot at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art with his iPhone. The images were edited in Photoshop and iMovie. The music is by Walters and was made with GarageBand.

Here’s Bruce’s description of how this came about.

My wife, Laurie, and I visited Kansas City on the way back from Austin this summer. We ended up visiting the Nelson-Atkins and the adjacent Bloch Contemporary collection for more than 5 hours. Both are world class collections.

The museum allows you to take photos of their permanent collection as long as you don’t use a flash. I took hundreds with my iPhone. When I came home, I sorted through the images and began to put together the video. I edited the photos in Photoshop and created the video with iMovie. I then decided to record an ambient track on GarageBand. I made the video for my own sake.

Shortly afterward, one of the curators at the Figge Art Museum contacted me, asking if I would consider creating an unconventional artwork for display in the entrance to the museum. We agreed on a video similar to the one of the Nelson-Atkins that I had just conpleted.

The final part of the story comes during a visit with the Director of the Des Moines Art Center.  I showed him the KC Vultus video and he suggested that I contact the Nelson-Atkins museum staff. I emailed the video’s YouTube link with a few brief comments. I was surprised when I received three responses within a day, and then amazed that they liked it enough to put the video on the museum’s site.  Their comments included “great” and “especially beautiful.”

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