Walters writes about Lady of Germania

Lady of Germania, by Jeff Adams.  Photo by Bruce Walters.

Lady of Germania, by Jeff Adams. Photo by Bruce Walters.

Bruce Walter’s most recent Art in Plain Sight is his article about “Lady of Germania” by Jeff Adams.

Crossing the Centennial Bridge into Iowa, one is welcomed by a larger-than-life sculpture of a woman with outstretched arms. Behind her is an approximately 90-foot-long colonnade with the word “Davenport” in large capital letters across the top. This gateway is at the location of the city’s first park, Washington Square, and the statue is based on a figure that once stood there.

The sculpture is the centerpiece of the first of two gateways that were completed in 2006. The other, a corporate-style sign with five-foot-tall letters, faces north on Welcome Way. According to Greg Albansoder, project manager with the City of Davenport, funding is in place for three additional gateways into the city: on West River Drive near Bettendorf, on East River Drive near Schmidt Road, and on Northwest Boulevard. Each gateway is intended to be unique and reflect the character and history of its area of the city.

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