Palacios in Pomona Show

Singularis Show promotional material

Singularis Show promotional material

Vince Palacios was also featured in Singularis.

The School of Arts and Enterprise, in partnership with the American Museum of Ceramic Art and the City of Pomona, present SINGULARIS, Selections from the Frieda Bradscher Collection.

Frieda Bradsher, whose collection was acquired by AMOCA in 2007, was an artist and collector living in Long Beach, CA. Her collection consists of essentially small contemporary pieces, reflecting her eye for colorful and quirky styles. Featured in the exhibition are functional works by artists such as Otto Heino, Jeff Oestreich, Tom Coleman, Tony Marsh, and whimsical pieces by one of her favorite artists, Vince Palacios. A selection of Ms. Bradsher’s works are on display at the Pomona Public Library.

The exhibition is part of a senior project executed by the School of Arts and Enterprise’ business curriculum. The project requires students to conduct an analysis of a business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and find a way to address weaknesses. Students focused on presenting the community of Pomona with a glimpse into AMOCA’s permanent collection.

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