Walters’ Art in Plain Sight

Sol LeWitt, "Tower." Photo by Bruce Walters.

Sol LeWitt, "Tower." Photo by Bruce Walters.

Bruce Walters has published his second article in the series Art in Plain Sight for the River Cities’ Reader.  As the editor explains, This is part of an occasional series on the history of public art in the Quad Cities.

Walters’ article is about the Tower by Sol LeWitt.

In 1984, a site-specific sculpture by the internationally renowned artist Sol LeWitt (1928-2007) was installed near the south entrance of the RiverCenter on Third Street in Davenport. Titled simply Tower, this sculpture was made of four 21-foot-tall slabs of concrete bolted to a framework of steel I-beams. These slabs, made of crushed marble and silica, were cast using more than a half-mile of Styrofoam strips.

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