Walters Vultus Project

Bruce Walters, Vultus, Iowa City poster

Bruce Walters, Vultus, Iowa City poster

On October 28 and 31, Bruce Walters will have a sequence of masks projected 50′ in height on the exterior of the Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa. This project, titled Vultus, will also be projected on the exterior and interior of several art centers, including the Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, Illinois on October 29; at the Quad City Arts Gallery, Rock Island, Illinois on October 29;  in downtown Iowa City; and the ICON-Iowa Contemporary Art Center in Fairfield, Iowa. This project is being funded in part by a grant from the Iowa Arts Council.

Vultus is a looped video of more than 100 masks.  The video will be 10 -15 minutes in length, but will run perpetually as a loop. Many of the masks are specific to Halloween, but many African, Asian and Native American cultural masks and sculptures of faces and masks are also included. There are also two photographs of masks from the Grammy Award winning Iowa metal band Slipknot sent to Walters by Shawn Crahan, one of the band’s members. All masks face directly forward and are aligned so they virtually morph from one into the other. Each mask is shown for about 8 seconds–including the transitions. The video is in high contrast black and white.

The title, Vultus, is Latin for ‘face’ or for ‘appearance and expression’.

You can view two short test clips on YouTube:  Vultus Test One and Vultus Test Two

There is also a very early test projection on the Figge Art Museum.

Visit Walters’ website at

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