Art’s Rathje in Two Exhibitions

Terry Rathje is participating in two exhibitions.

He has an installation at the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, MI from September 21- November 4th. The work is a collaboration with University of Iowa professor, Monica Correia, and is a foam structure based on the design of a snake skeleton entitled ‘Ophidian.’

"Ophidian" by Terry Rathje, WIU, and Monica Correia, U of I.

"Ophidian" by Terry Rathje, WIU, and Monica Correia, U of I.

From the Krasl Art Center website:

Ophidian by Monica Correia & Terry Rathje
As artists and designers, the projects of Monica Correia and Terry Rathje are situated on a borderline between disciplines. Their work is about reshaping space; it references geometry, natural forms, and the organic geometry that connects the idiosyncrasies of nature with mathematical beauty. Both artists alternatively construct objects that are functional as well as pure celebrations of form. In the artlab Correia and Rathje construct a fantastical polyurethane foam structure that may be entered and explored by gallery visitors.

Rathje also exhibited as a part of the FORM Design show in St. Louis, MO. It is an exhibition of contemporary functional design.

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