Exploring Nasa

Exploring Nasa

Exploring Nasa

Bruce Walters is asking everyone to ‘Like’ the Exploring NASA facebook page. Spread the word! Walters intends to post information about the project several times a week, so it will be an active page.

He is also updating www.exploringnasa.com and would appreciate any suggestion or comments.

Exploring NASA is the collaboartive effort of artists, musicians, scientists and administrators who are collectively working on an installation artwork that will explore aspects of NASA -from the exploration of the universe and development of technology to its societal impact. The artwork incorporates Hubble Telescope images, children’s drawings of astronauts and rockets; launch sequences and radio telescope images and research. The project -including this website- is in its early stages.

The intent of Exploring NASA is to communicate a sense of optimism about the future and to convey a sense of collective effort and pursuit of knowledge. NASA represents, to me, the collective will to expand human understanding through a synthesis of technology, vision and courage.

Bruce Walters

Walters thanks Esteban, Fred, Deb, Mark, Ashley, Kevin, Tom, Vickie, A-Cupid, Jason and Jesse for taking the time to be videotaped for Exploring NASA at the UTV studio on Tuesday and Wednesday. Photos by Kevin and Bruce are posted on the FB page. Walters is grateful for the continued participation and collaboration. A particular thanks to Vickie for bringing A-Cupid to the studio. He was amazing.

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