Walters Art in Plain Sight-First National Bank Building

First National Bank building, Davenport, IO Photo by Bruce Walters

First National Bank building, Davenport, IA. Photo by Bruce Walters

Bruce Walters latest Art in Plain Sight is about the First National Bank in Davenport, IA.  As always, always in plain sight and maybe not as appreciated as it should be, thanks to Walters for directing attention to the art all around us.

The entrance to the First National Bank Building (now U.S. Bank) at 201 West Second Street in Davenport tells the story of commerce and banking through classical images and symbols. The ancient Greek and Roman references and high artistic level of the entrance tell us, in effect, that banking is an important institution – one of the cornerstones of Western civilization and a pillar of the community.

The entrance is primarily composed of three parts: an intricately cast bronze doorway, two reclining life-sized figures carved in stone above the doorway, and four smaller figures in the stone reveal on both sides of the doorway. Collectively, the three parts create an impressive and unified whole.

Read more and see more images of the First National Bank building.

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