Holz Reports from Moscow

moscowdhilecturephotocopysmKeith Holz, Associate Professor, Department of Art, spoke at the German Historical Institute–Moscow on Thursday evening, May 27, 2010. The photograph shows shows Holz and others listening to a question about his presentation, “Brokering Dissent through ‘Twentieth Century German Art’ & ‘Free German Art’: Organizing Art Exhibitions with Paul Westheim”.

Between May 16 and June 14, 2010, Holz is in Moscow conducting research at the Russian State Military Archives, a.k.a. Sonderarchiv into the papers of exiled German-Jewish art critic and publisher Paul Westheim. Westheim was at the center of the anti-Nazi German artworld in Paris from 1933-1940 and in contact with dozens of artists, critics, gallerists, and collectors seeking to rescue defamed modernist art, and define modern German art in ways contrary to how the Nazis were defining it from within Germany.

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