Alanna DeRocchi (BFA ‘04) will receive a Master of Fine Arts degree from Alfred University

p42704282Alanna DeRocchi, (BFA 2004) will have a Master of Fine Arts Exhibition, April 24-27, 2010 at the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, School of Art and Design @ Alfred University. The Opening Reception will be Saturday, April 24th @ 2 Pine Street, Alfred, NY.

Alanna DeRocchi grew up in Petersburg, Illinois, close to Springfield. Alanna received her BFA from WIU in May, 2004 then she did postgraduate coursework at Western through the spring of 2005. She moved to Los Angeles and continued to take coursework in ceramics at California State University, Long Beach during 2005 and 2008. While at Cal State Long Beach, Alanna received two awards to travel in Korea and China in 2006 and 2007 then traveled to Peru in the summer of 2008. Alanna received a full tuition scholarship to New York State College of Ceramics, at Alfred University in New York where she will receive her MFA in May, 2010.  Alanna will continue her work as the recipient of a summer residency at Archie Bray Foundation in Montana, beginning in June, 2010.


The wooden scaffolds she built for her large pieces at Alfred are like the armatures she found in a book on the dioramas of the Natural History Museum.


She is highly skilled not only in building large constructions and small pieces, but in wheel throwing. She has assisted her mentor, the internationally known ceramic sculpture, and former WIU ceramics faculty, SunKoo Yuh, in several workshops.


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