Art in Plain Sight: Moline War Memorial by C.S. Paolo

Another article in the occasional series by Bruce Walters for the River Cities Reader in the Quad Cities.  This time Bruce looks at a very impressive sculpture, a war memorial, in downtown Moline.
A large cast-bronze war memorial has stood in downtown Moline for roughly eight decades. On the sculpture’s north side is the imagery [...]

Holz Article in newly Published Volume

Keith Holz has just learned that his article has just been published in the volume below.
Keith Holz. “Max Silberberg’s commitment to modern art and Jewish culture in interwar Breslau,” Jewish Artists and Central—Eastern Europe: Art Centers – Identity – Heritage From the 19th Century to the Second World War. Edited by Jerzy Malinowski, [...]

Czechowski and Myers Collaborative Piece in Show

Susan Czechowski and Kat Myers have collaborated on a piece entitled “Harvest Invasion” a combination of silkscreen and metals work.  The work is included in the show Process and Practice–Crossing Boundaries: Collaborations Between Metalsmiths and Printmakers, Northeastern Illinois University.  The show includes collaborations between 14 pairs of artists.