Walters writing

Bruce Walters is writing a monthly feature on public artworks in the Quad-Cities for the River Cities Reader. The first article is in the current issue.
Walters says he cares very much about these public artworks and of them he cares most about the Black Hawk statue. Read his first article.

PRINT Down N’ Dirty

To help the Silkscreen Club raise money for supplies, they held a PRINT Down N’ Dirty event on Wednesday, October 27 from 10:00am - 2:00pm in the Free Speech area behind WIU union.
The SilkScreamers invite you to get pressed! Bring your own T-shirt, canvas bags, etc., and WIU’s student-run Silkscreen Club will print a design [...]

Walters is Halloween!

Bruce Walters has so many Halloween irons in the fire, it’s hard to keep up.
Besides his video/mask project Vultus, he also has a kind of story in a story with a video created during the 2010 Halloween parade in Davenport, Iowa. The video captures his own Vultus video as it is projected on the [...]

SUSAN HARBAGE PAGE: The White Box ~ Changing Perceptions of Privilege

Susan Harbage Page, photographer and performance artist from North Carolina, will be on the WIU campus for two days in December when she will conduct an interactive performance and video project with students. During the visit on Thursday, December 9 at 6 pm in Sandburg Theater she will give a public talk about her career [...]