Frequently Asked Questions about RockeNetwork

What is RockeNetwork?

This private, online community allows WIU alumni access to the basic functions of an online social network (to search for friends and colleagues), and to create your own personal network at

Alumni invite friends and colleagues to join this network (or “become their friend”). Once you create your network, you are also linked to the networks of all the people you know, continually increasing the power of the WIU network. You will be surprised at how many people you have a connection to – like Western's version of “six degrees of separation!”

Why would I want to join RockeNetwork?

RockeNetwork is a powerful networking tool available to all WIU alumni – and we are on the leading edge of this technology among universities. RockeNetwork provides you the opportunity to:

  • Network with alumni about events, relocation and jobs
  • Learn what is happening on campus
  • Reconnect with friends and classmates you have not talked to in years
  • And much, much more!

Who can access RockeNetwork?

Only those who have graduated and hold a degree from Western Illinois University can access the network. Some WIU administrators, faculty and staff members can also utilize it.

How much does it cost me?

NOTHING! RockeNetwork is just one of the many benefits you receive as a member of the WIU Alumni Association. If you would like to see all the other benefits currently available to you as a NON-DUES paying member of the WIU Alumni Association, visit

How do I login?

Visit If this is your first time, you must register. Use your last name and WIU ID number to register. (If you have a suffix such as Jr., Sr. or III, you must also type that suffix after your last name. If your last name has multiple capital letters in it such as McNeil, you must add a space as in Mc Neil.) If you do not know your WIU ID number, please contact the Alumni Association at (309)298-1914. Once you have registered, use your email address and a password you choose to login every time.

What do I put in the Alumni ID field when registering?

Your Alumni ID number is your 9-digit WIU ID number. If you do not know your WIU ID number, please contact the Alumni Association at (309)298-1914.

After I login, how do I get started?

  • Click on My Profile
  • Update your personal, business, school and social profiles by clicking on the appropriate links. You can share as much or as little information as you want about yourself.
  • Once you create your profile, click on Home and start inviting friends to join your network!
  • To find friends, type their names in the Search box.
  • Once you find someone you are looking for, click on Add ______ as friend. You will see an e-mail message that will be sent to your friend. We encourage you to add a personal message in the text field, especially if it is someone you have not spoken with in a while! If your friend does not have an email address on file, then the WIU Alumni Association does not have an email address on file for them, or the alumnus wishes to not have it posted.
  • As your friends receive your invitation e-mails to join, they should respond and your network will grow.
  • After you have invited friends, you can use RockeNetwork to send messages to your network, make professional connections like finding a contact at a specific company, sell a car, find tickets to an event – almost anything!

How much information about me is available for others to see?

That is up to you. Each profile shows your name and graduation year. Once you activate your profile, you can modify your privacy settings and only people you designate who are part of the community can see your contact and personal information.

Why do you need my email address?

Your email address serves as your login name after you register. Email addresses also serve as a way to interact with other WIU alumni.

Can I use the same email address as another WIU alumnus (such as a spouse)?

No. Because your email address serves as your login name, it must be affiliated with only one user.

What should I do if my email address changes?

Just update your personal profile page and your new email address will appear immediately, continuing to be able to interact among the network. If you change email addresses, then always use the most current one to login.

Will my email address and any of my information ever be forwarded or sold for solicitation purposes?

No! WIU protects the privacy of our alumni to the greatest extent. No contact information (or any other information you entered) will be shared with anyone outside the University. RockeNetwork is property of the WIU Alumni Association.

How can I use RockeNetwork to find a job?

  • If you are targeting a specific company or industry, you can do a search for that company name or industry. Then, search the results to see if anyone in your network matches your search. If someone in your network matches your search, then simply contact him or her directly. If an individual who is not in your network fits the bill, you can still contact that person, introduce yourself as a fellow WIU alumnus and ask for advice or insight on the company or industry. You will be surprised at how many WIU alumni are willing to help!
  • Not sure which company you want to work for? Send a message out to your network with information about the type of job you are looking for.
  • Post your resume in your business profile.
  • Post your resume on the WIU Career Development Center web site through the provided link.
  • Look for alumni who have indicated they would be willing to talk to others about career information, and use them as a resource.

How can I use RockeNetwork to find a friend from college?

Simply look them up in the Search box. Keep in mind that some people change their names or go by a nickname. If you don't have luck using the keyword search, try the advanced search function.

What if I can not find my friend?

Do not give up! First, consider whether your friend goes by a nickname. For example, you will not find Joe Rocky if Joe's full name is Joseph Rocky. Try searching by the full name or first or last name only (most effective if the person has a less common name). Still can not find him or her? Use the advanced search function and use criteria like class year. If you still can't find a person, email us at or call 309-298-1914.

Is it possible to block a particular person from contacting me?

Yes. Search for the person and click on his/her name. Underneath his/her name, you will see Block User. Click on that, and he/she will not be able to contact you through RockeNetwork.

I invited a friend and he/she did not respond to my invitation. Can I re-invite?

Yes. In order to re-invite someone, click on My Friends, then on Manage. Next to the person's name, you will see 'Pending,' which means an invitation has been sent but not responded to yet, or "Expired," meaning it has been more than 30 days since you invited him/her without a response. Before you can re-invite your friend, you must delete that invitation. Once the invitation has been deleted, you can re-invite using the process to add a friend.

What does “my network” mean?

This measures how many people are in your complete network and counts friends, friends-of-friends and friends-of-friends-of-friends.

What are the waving people icons that appear next to a person's name?

These indicate how you know someone. One icon means it is your friend (someone you know directly). Two waving people means it is a friend-of-friend, and three people means it is a friend-of-friend-of-friend.

My question is not answered here. Who can I contact?

Please contact the Western Illinois University Alumni Association at or 309-298-1914.