Stacy Bierman 1996Bierman

Degree: Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from WIU 1996, Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from OSF Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing 1998.

Business Information: Mom of Nick, James, and John

Advice for Freshman: Congratulations, you have just started one of the best times in your life. This is the time to explore. Take a class on a topic you have always wanted to learn about. Join a club or organization in which you have a passion. Make new friends and meet people who have a different background from you. This is the time to determine what direction you want your life to go. Get to know your professors, your hall staff, and people who work on campus.  You never know what you will learn from these people.

Favorite WIU Memory: I have more than one: Living on Bayliss Hall 9th Floor all 4 years. Being a Resident Assistant in Bayliss -Henninger Halls. Meeting my husband, Matt. Then moving back to Macomb and living in Henninger Hall Apartment for 4 years when my husband was the Complex Director of Bay/Henn. Bringing our first son home to live in Henninger for the first 15 months of his life.

Family Information/Special Interests and Hobbies:  My husband Matt Bierman works at WIU and is also an alumnus. We have 3 wonderful boys who keep me very busy.  I love being a mom and occasionally return to my nursing as a substitute nurse for the Macomb school district. I love spending time with my family and watching my boys play sports and play in the band. I love to cook and spend time outside.