Jana Knupp 2002 2004Jana Knupp

Bachelor in Science degree in agriculture and Master's in Business Administration, both from WIU.


Business Information: Instructor in the WIU School of Agriculture

Advice for Freshman: School is your job so treat it like one. Show up. Participate. Take chances outside of your comfort zone. Think outside of the box. Be different. Respect your professors and peers. And of course never miss an opportunity to have fun with your friends because you will spend the rest of your life wishing you could do it just one more time. 

Favorite WIU Memory: You can never pick a favorite, but WIU allowed me to study abroad in Brazil for 5 weeks. Through this trip I lived with a family, studied Brazilian agriculture and culture. It was such an eye opening experience to see another part of the world and compare and contrast it with the world I was accustomed to. WIU gave me that opportunity.

Family Information/Special Interests and Hobbies:  I have several family members who are Leathernecks and we are proud of it. My husband, Scott, is also a two-time Neck and we have three sons. Aside from chasing them, I enjoy photography, running, and promoting agriculture.